A little trick to keep your shirt collars from drooping

I hate droopy collars with a passion. Ok, let’s say you’ve got this perfectly cut bespoke suit, your shoes are all shiny and new, your watch is burning people’s retinas. You decide to go tie-less, and then your collar shrinks into your jacket like Mr. Happy on a cold day in Minnesota.

Droopy collars aren’t to be blamed on the collars themselves. A nice stiff collar is a must, but sometimes the fabric of the shirt itself doesn’t have enough body to support it. This can also happen with normal wear on the shirt. And this can be vastly accelerated if you don’t button up your shirt when putting it on the hanger… or worse if you just throw it into the pile in your bedroom corner.

The good news is that you really don’t have to button up every single button on the shirt to preserve your shirt’s version of an erection (ha!). All you really need to do is button the top two buttons on the shirt, since that’s the area that’s bearing all the load. Have your shirt send me a thank you card.

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