It slices, it dices, it juliens! No really, it does all kinds of stuff. Now we’re not telling you to get rid of your bar tools, but the Bar10der would be a fantastic addition to your cocktail party on the go… say at a picnic, outside on your deck, or while you’re traveling. Not too shabby for $37.

1. Muddler-Crush fruit, herbs, spices and more to extract

2. Reamer– Add freshly squeezed juice from your favorite fruits

3. Channel Knife– Create twists and other garnishes

4. Jigger– Get a perfect 1-ounce or ½-ounce pour every time

5. Zester– Capture the tang and aroma of citrus fruits

6. Knife– Slice and dice ingredients and garnishes with this 4″ blade

7. Stirrer– Blend cocktails thoroughly; expands up to 6″

8. Strainer– Separate ice from liquid as you pour

9. Corkscrew– Uncork your favorite bottle of wine

10. Bottle Opener-Pop the top off a beer or mixer

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