"What you wear is your business card"

“What you wear is your business card” – Giorgio Armani (courtesy of Details magazine)

So true… I’m not telling you to dress like me. Well maybe I kinda am, since that’s essentially one of the big things in this blog. But I’m inspired by a story I once heard about a fellow men’s style blogger who went into a Walmart in a more questionable part of his particular town. He had something to return and found himself in line behind some seedy-looking fellows sporting a lot of sports apparel, complete with baggy pants, and a sagging waistline (can you even call it a waistline when it’s down by your knees?) that surely left nothing to the imagination.

While that’s not my particular style (or hopefully anyone that’s reading this blog), it did beg an interesting introspection. That gentle fellow had to select what he wore and how he wore it that day. While he would surely spurn my bow ties and pocket squares, he proactively chose to wear no belt and that sports jersey. So no matter what part of our cultural diaspora you belong within, we have our own views of what’s stylish. I guess all I can ever ask anyone is that they put some energy into it, like that guy did that day.

No question, though, that what you do wear sends a message about who you are. And make no mistake, that also applies professionally as well as socially. I’ve always tried to live by another great quote: “dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you have”. So go forth, wear what makes you happy… but just know that you will not be ignored, and (for better or worse) you will be judged. The sooner you realize that, the happier you’ll be.

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