Best shoe shine in DC

Chances are if you’ve taken a bus or a train out of Union Station then you’ve probably seen this pretty non-descript shoe-shine station by the waiting area. First of all, it’s just refreshing to see any kind of shoe-shine station around these here parts. It’s a dying industry except at airports and train stations. I guess they figure only travelers need shoe shines? Although seriously, I just think people are ignoring the need for their shoes to be regularly shined and maintained.

That being said, we’re lucky to have the Union Station Shoe Shine guys. It’s easily accessible, and pretty cheap (see below). You might even run into our veep, and a true Amtrak aficionado while you’re there: Joe Biden. Here are the services they offer, and prices…

  • On-site at our Union Station location
  • Shoe Drop off (WIN!)
  • Scheduled on-site service at selected locations (hotels, corporate offices, condominiums, etc.)
  • Mobile service for special events
  • Shoe Pick up and Delivery

Regular Shine

Shoes $7, Boots $9

Meltonian Cream Shine

Shoes $8, Boots $10

Suede Renew

Shoes $20, Boots $25

Strip & Shine

Shoes $10, Boots $12

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