Nice Laundry socks

I’ll admit, even though I may come off as very fashion-forward on MLDC I actually play it pretty conservative overall… Today I’m wearing a white cotton button-down with a light wool sweater, navy blue pinstripe slacks, grey suede shoes, and… wait for it…  CAMO SOCKS! Aaaaaaaaand boom goes the dynamite. It’s taken me about 2 years to get on the camouflage bandwagon, but I think I’m there now. It looks cool, but the key for me is to keep it subtle.

Walking around today I got some solid reviews from people who saw my socks peek out of my slacks. It paired remarkably well with my outfit, and it can with yours too. Nice Laundry does a lot of great things to promote sustainability.

Nice Laundry socks are:

  • Revolutionizing the cost of luxury socks. A sock drawer makeover (18 pairs) is just $99 with free shipping.
  • Premium quality and meticulously crafted, with thought and consideration given to details like cuff tension and heel pocket depth.
  • Fun. Each pack boasts a variety of bright colors and cheerful patterns that command attention in all the right ways.
  • A feel good (re)cycle. Every order comes with a prepaid shipping label so customers can do something useful with their old, worn pairs by sending them away to be re-purposed and recycled.
Best of all, while Nice Laundry is now based in NYC they got their roots started right here in DC! Hooray for DC entrepreneurs makin it big!
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