The lapel flower is back in!

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Well it’s not for everybody, that’s for sure! But fabric lapel flowers are making a splash in the men’s fashion world. And at the risk of being called fashion-forward (as if that’s a bad thing!) you should take a risk at your next non-work affair that you can afford to test the waters a little bit.

The lapel flower is definitely a way to differentiate yourself from the masses who have caught onto the tie clip/pocket square look. It essentially does the same thing as the pocket square: add a little splash of color to your outfit. I wouldn’t go too matchy-matchy with the lapel flower color though. A lapel flower is supposed to complement your outfit, and you don’t need to necessarily match color for color there. A good rule of thumb is to pick a couple of colors for your outfit anyway so that it’s not too monochromatic. Also, don’t wear the lapel flower with a pocket square… or you risk looking like a sartorial Christmas tree.

Lapel flowers also come in a lot of different shapes and materials (think nylon or cotton for summer, felt for winter, etc). Usually they go for about $10 on Etsy or eBay. Or you can try making your own:

This probably goes without saying, but try to avoid the trick squirting flowers ala Joker. Not a good look at parties.

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