Birchbox June 2014 Review

A decent Birchbox this month. Some great stuff, tempered by some absolute garbage.

Baxter of California Facial Scrub – FAIL. This stuff was so gritty I felt like it was sandpapering my face off. Not only were there a lot of particles in it, but they were sharp too. Imagine hundreds of little daggersstabbing your face, that’s what this was like.

Mt. Sapola Body Lotion – WIN. The lemongrass version was absolutely amazing. Hugely fragrant, and long lasting. If you like lemongrass like I do you’re gonna love it.

Proper Bar Soap – FAIL. Smells pretty much like your average motel soap. I felt cheap and used after trying with it (kinda like how I feel when I leave a motel!)

Tommy John Loafer Liners – WIN. These are perfect for the summer and they come in cool patterns. My biggest gripe with no-show socks are that they always slide down on my heel and get bunched up in the shoe… not with these! These have a rubberized grip inside the shoe so it doesn’t slip. Well done Tommy John!


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