Review – Vodka on the Rocks by Kilian Moscow

Hmm, questionable name for sure. Nothing says “I wanna rage like it’s 1999” like a fragrance called “Vodka on the Rocks“. The fragrance is made by a fancy high end boutique fragrance maker Kilian, which certainly explains the $245 price tag (for 1.7ml!!!). The inspiration is literally supposed to be cooled vodka, and you can definitely confirm that off the bat. It really does smell like a nice vodka with a twist of lemon or lime, or possibly mixed with tonic water. It kinda comes off as a novelty, almost like pandering an audience but luckily the vodka-y scent doesn’t last too long and it switches into a regular cologne after that. It’s definitely a nice scent (and a very strong scent for a few hours), but for me it’s too much like Coolwater to justify a $245 price tag. I personally like more subtle scents with floral, citrusy, leathery, or woody notes… so ultimately it’s not for me. But if you like Coolwater and you have cash to burn you’ll probably like this guy too.

But think of the disapproving eyebrows that raise if you told people you were wearing “Vodka on the Rocks”. As if people didn’t already think I was a boozehound!

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