Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-back Chronograph Review

Trust me, I’m not foregoing my favorite watch ever: my IWC Portuguese but I decided I needed a new watch for those Adams Morgan bar crawl type of nights (this may or may not have been the itinerary for a certain MLDC founder’s birthday a few weeks ago). Considering there’s much of the night I don’t remember (and don’t want to remember), I figured it’s good to have a nice looking (yet throw-away) type of watch to beat around in. It’s kinda like those dudes that drive BMW’s but fart around in their 1997 Altima’s during the snowy months. You know who you are!

That being said, the Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly-back Chronograph (phew, long name) has a lot of features and it’s impeccably designed. There are several different watch/strap combos but the tan strap with the matte/gun-metal black bezel looks pretty stunning. Not to mention the aviation style digits and dials. It sports (obviously) a chronograph complication, and a date complication, but the best complication is the fly-back minutes and hours dials. A fly-back complication is when a watch’s dials aren’t completely circular and the hands on those dials move backwards in the direction they came from. Check out the video below to see the movement in action.

Retail price is $165, but I got mind for about $130 with a recent promotion.

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