Become a real-life ninja, working out with a purpose!

I’d like to welcome my friend and guest blogger Daniel Chacon. Danny is an amateur World MMA champion. This is Danny’s first of a two part post. Inspirational!

Bruce lee, Chuck Norris and Batman…

They were my idols as a kid, also add on the butt kicking Power Rangers into the mix. Being 5’9 and 220 lbs at that time I was no way near close to being Bruce Lee. Finding a workout routine that sticks is very challenging but one of the best ways I’ve found to get an effective workout that’s also fun is martial arts.

How did I an overweight, unhealthy, misguided young adult change his life to become an amateur World Mixed Martial Arts Champion?

By training martial arts and setting goals.

I consider myself an artist—painting, drawing and just finding anyway to express myself. When I was young, playing sports wasn’t my first interest, I didn’t consider myself an athlete, but once I found a new way of expressing myself I was hooked! Martial artists express themselves by displaying and applying fighting techniques with repetition on pads or on a partner.

In no time I was losing weight, building confidence and loving life. Martial arts can change you physically, mentally and create some great relationships along the way with people you wouldn’t have encountered within your own circle. Through martial arts I was not only able to get healthy but also able to enjoy the journey. For me, it makes life more peaceful and brings a more enjoyable, positive outlook on working out. Martial arts is not one thing—It can be so many things from getting into shape, learning new exciting fighting techniques or just having interesting conversations with classmates after practice.

“Grind now and shine later!”

This is a quote that motivates me to continue to be healthy and do my best. When I was 19 I was overweight and very unhealthy but deciding to not settle, I focused and disciplined myself on making big changes.

Big change

Being healthy and fit is always in style. There are many diverse styles of martial arts but once you start you’ll find yourself building a healthier positive lifestyle. I’ll be sharing a few detailed workouts, my diet plan and favorite effective martial arts techniques in my next post.

Here’s a quick small video of me in action. Anything is possible in this world sounds cliché, but I encourage you to dare to dream big. Dare to work hard and accomplish your goals. Dare to believe that you can truly be anything you wish to be. And, most important, dare to embrace the truth: Nothing is impossible.

Until next time my friends!

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