Birchbox August 2014 Review

Not a bad Birchbox this month. A couple of big winners!

Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer – MEH… It’s nice that it’s oil free for sure, but unlike some other people I really rely on fragrance to make me feel great about a product. But that’s just me, ’cause some people will love that this is fragrance free.

Dr. Squatch Soap Bar (I got the “Pine Tar” scent but there are others) – MEH… The smell of pine is so refreshing and very strong, but once the top layer rubs off it becomes an exfoliant. This normally wouldn’t be a bad thing at all except the exfoliating oatmeal feels like little shards of glass on your body. Good morning!

English Laundry Pomade – FAIL… It smells too chemically and it’s got too much of a goopy hold. On the bright side, you could use this stuff for your kid’s kindergarten art work if you run out of glue.

Ursa Major Face Wash – WIN… And an epic win at that. This stuff smells so amazing. The scent is woody and minty. I loves it, I loves it a lot.

Bison Made Double Wrap Bracelet – WIN… This is a nice and understated bracelet. Unlike other man-bracelets, the clasp is easy enough to use. And the color matches my new Timex watch.

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