Upcoming Event: Vinyasa to Vino

Take two things that people in DC love to do, and put them together. What do you get?

No, not a Ben’s Chili Bowl at the top of the Washington monument. You get a yoga class followed by a wine tasting.

Not sure how much of a downward facing dog you can be? No problem, DC yoga blog Grip The Mat‘s got you covered, all skill levels are welcome. Not too confident about your wine tasting abilities? Well unless you’re missing taste buds you shouldn’t be. Vino Lovers will be on call to hold your hand through it all and teach you a thing or two about reds and whites.

Here’s what the event organizers have to say:

Bringing to you the best of both worlds: alcohol and girls in yoga pants. But actually. This Thursday new DC yoga blog Grip The Mat is hosting Vinyasa to Vino – a yoga class followed by a wine tasting sponsored by Vino Lovers. Never done yoga before? No problem. The event is tailored to all levels and is perfect for anyone who hasn’t seen much success in the typically stuffy bar scene and would like to meet cool new interesting people who value fitness and health.

Still not sold? Research shows that practicing yoga reduces stress and cortisol levels, and what did Men’s Health magazine report…? Women are more attracted to men with lower stress and levels of cortisol. Additionally, regular yoga practice strengthens pelvic muscle control. Finally, polyphenols in wine is reported to improve circulation “down below.”

Yoga + wine = health and wellness jackpot. Not to mention Vinyasa to Vino offers a chance to meet like-minded active friends who are just down to have a good time.

Please RSVP via EventBrite

When: Thursday, August 21 7pm to 9pm
How much: $20 +  tax
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