It's that time of year… for layering!

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Morning: I wake up and it’s kinda chilly. It’s that brisk kind of chilly that makes you feel pretty awesome, but chilly nonetheless.

Lunch and afternoon: The temperature has crept up about 20 degrees. It’s beautiful (and not humid!) but my crevices are moistening to discomfort levels on par with Ebola-related jokes (not cool Jaxson De Ville).

Evening: I’m sad that the sun is setting so early, but that morning brisk is back… and so is my swag.

Yes friends, tis the season of layering. Layering is the only way to deal with an uncooperative and fickle mother-Earth. Layering is your friend. FYI, layering only happens up top. Layering your pants, well that’d just be weird.

The Base Layer

Your favorite style of undershirt. I tend to prefer v-necks in most situations.

The Shirt Layer

This layer kinda depends on what you’re doing that day and how formal/informal you want to be. T-shirt is totally legit for just everyday type of things, while if you’re layering for the office it may be a button-down shirt. Use the same discretion as you would if you weren’t layering.

The Top Layer

Here’s where you get a lot of choices. Let’s examine…

  • Pullover sweater – A classic. To V or not to V? I prefer v-neck sweaters personally, but the crew neck is also a classic.
  • Cardigan sweater – I love how cardigans have become mainstream again. Just four years ago I was called out by a friend who thought it was too fashion forward. Needless to say, cardigans are a regular part of his winter wardrobe.
  • Sweater vest – Make it light and slim. Don’t wanna look too chunky before the jacket layer.
  • Light hoodie – The sweaters say “I’m legit”, the hoodie says “Relax homie”. All good either way.

The Jacket Layer

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