A better way to hang casual pants


Who’s still folding up their pants? Come on, raise your hands. Oh crap, my hand just went up too.

Yeah, like a chump I’ve been filling up my drawers with jeans, khakis, and the like and they’ve been getting creased at the folds just like any other Joe. But I was in Boston this past weekend and I wandered into a Scotch & Soda and it hit me in the face. Luckily it didn’t literally hit me in the face because I might have been writing this post with one eye otherwise. I’ve had a lot of my kitchen utensils on s-hooks for years since I have very little storage room for them. Lo and behold, I can do the same for storing my pants! No more folding and ironing!

On a side note… Scotch & Soda’s kinda awesome. Pricey, but different from the mainstream in an awesome way. Didn’t even know they had a DC location at 3029 M St NW.



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