Nautica’s “Traveled Tailor” brings the Modern Riviera to NYFWM

One thing that can be said about Nautica is that it sticks to what it knows best. And what it does best is present collections that stay true its nautical roots. The Spring/Summer 2017 collect was no exception. The collection inspired by the “Tailored Traveler” took viewers to the Modern Riviera.

Here models played bocce ball, sipped cocktails, prepared for water sports and socialized in vignettes simulating an exclusive summer getaway. The aspirational scenes are similar to what many advertisers do in commercials to sell their products. They put their products in the best light to make the consumer want them even more and for this collection, that’s not a bad thing.

Although many of the shows presented during this season’s fashion week veered away from the runway show in lieu of the presentation, the Nautica preentation had a playfulness that set it apart from the others. Many attendees tend to prefer the presentations. It allows them to become a little more intimate with the clothes and at Nautica, the staging was ideal to show off the looks.

For this season, blue and white figure prominently in the pieces with other traditional nautical colors such as yellows, reds and tans following suit. The look is very country club chic but also very active allowing the Nautica man to be ready for almost every outdoor summer activity. What works in the collection is the versatility. More tailored looks can be combined with active wear for a variety of spring/summer options that will work have the Nautica man not only sharp but looking great at every occasion.

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