Dîner en Blanc on the Memorial

It was organized chaos as Diner en Blanc made its third appearance in the Nation’s Capital. For those lucky enough to secure an invite (the guest list for this year was 3,500) the surprise location was well worth the wait. A Dîner on Blanc on the Memorial made for a beautiful setting as partygoers enjoyed the festivities with the Lincoln Memorial as awesome backdrop.

Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Table Mates Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Meal Prep

Dîner en Blanc is an exclusive invitation only pop up white party. Guests do not know the location of the event until moments before it is set to begin. The rules are restrictive as to what attendees can wear and must bring. Plus they must transport their own table, chairs, dinner and complete tablescape to the secret location. Despite these demands, this is an experience that many people seek to tryout once but keep coming back year after year.

Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Champagne Diner en Blanc on the Memorial BunnyDiner en Blanc on the Memorial Carla

While detractors such as those highlighted in the Washington Post earlier this week, are quick to point out the negatives to the event, there are many positives to make this event one of the must attend nights of the summer. First there’s a sense of camaraderie as friends and new acquaintances meet up and share their excitement for the event. Most are willing to help each other out as they lug their goods from all over the city to the event location. Once inside the good feelings continue, as people are eager to share their meals, wine and champagne with complete strangers.

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Moreover, the set up is such that guests are encouraged to get to know their neighbors. While many attend the event in groups there’s no guarantee that they will sit together. What better way to get to meet new people than sharing a meal and taking in the spectacle? The festive atmosphere was conducive to making new friends.

Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Selfie Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Friends Diner en Blanc on the Memorial- Leader sign

More impressive was the level of diversity. This event drew people from all areas of the district. It was probably one of the most racially diverse events in the city. In a time where racial tension is at a high point, there was no sign of this as revelers enjoyed Dîner en Blanc on the Memorial and just wanted to have a good time. Promoters of DC would be wise to use Dîner en Blanc as a powerful marketing tool for racial harmony in the city.

Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Sparklers Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Chris Diner en Blanc on the Memorial Dancing

Finally Dîner en Blanc is simply a good time. The spectacle of marching as a group to an unknown location, admiring the fantastically clad all white dressed guests, scoping out amazing tablescapes and picnic meals, waving he napkins to mark the start of dinner to lighting sparklers as dancing began is something everyone should experience at least once to judge for yourself. You might have a great time despite yourself!

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