The Captain Morgan Campaign Bus is Coming!

On Thursday, September 8th the Captain Morgan bus will be rolling into town. The brand recently launched its #Under35POTUS campaign to amend the U.S. Constitution so that people under the age of 35 have the option to be president. The campaign bus has been traveling the country to educate consumers about Article II, Section I of the Constitution and encouraging supporters to sign the brand’s petition at

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Captain Morgan is credited with bring the spice rum category into the U.S.  Launched in 1983, is a relatie newcomer to the distilled spirits category. So at the age of 33, even the Captain is not old enough to run for president.

Washington, DC is the last stop on the bus’s campaign tour. The tour which started on August 9th in Tampa, Florida hit Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Madison, WI, Chicago, IL, Lansing, MI, Boston, MA and New York City, NY. The bus will be in two locations in the DC area. First from 11 AM to 2:00 PM, it will be parked in Georgetown in the parking lot on the corner of Wisconsin and M Street, NW. After that the bus will relocate to the ouside of National’s Park until about 10 PM. The bus is open to the public, however you must be 21+ years old to enter inside. Please remember to drink responsibly.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Strategy


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