Charles Miller Brand Denim: Create your own unique story

Looking for a new pair of jeans right here in the Nation’s Capitol? Check out Charles Miller Brand Denim (CMBD). The new jeans company is hoping to be your go to denim and is located right here in Washington, DC. CMBD wants to create a jean for the traveling professional, those individuals who don’t settle down and are always on the go.


The denim is the brainchild of Charles Miller who landed in DC by way of the Army. A simple tee shirt and jeans kind of guy he wanted something that was comfortable and presentable especially after getting out of his military garb. He wanted something that would appeal to people just like him

After launching a successful tee shirt company, Charles Miller and his wife set their sights on denim. “We went to the not name brands in the mall looking for something with the right fit or something close to it,” says Miller. According to Miller there was always something not quite right such as the leg opening or the waist so the couple took matters in to their own hands and decided to develop something on their own.

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The military couple traveled overseas and through the Unites States researching the process, fit and development and came up with Charles Miller Brand Denim. The focus was to create the right denim with the right fit. The U.S. made jeans are designed right here in Washington with denim sourced from North Carolina and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Part of the brand’s experience is to make sure wearers receive the perfect fit and the company is all to eager to provide help to determine what’s right as well as providing instructions for proper care. And while he is quick to tell you their story, Miller believes that the true story behind CMBD is what the wearer makes of it. The jeans are made from raw selvedge denim, which is designed to adapt to each individual wearer creating their own unique story.

The jeans are currently available on line though the company’s website. CMBD plans to introduce additional styles as well as a women’s line in the near future.

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