New York Fashion Week Recap: Nautica A/W 2017

Nautica has always remained true to its niche and is a leader in classic American sportswear. Known for its bold color and colorblock, navy and white stripes as well as sailing motifs, the A/W 2017 presentation continued on its long tradition.


In fact, Nautica delved into its over 30 year history and decided to re-envision 1he 1990s. The collection was an update on the classics. Here we saw bomber jackets, patchwork shorts, bold sweaters and the every popular peacock that have long been favorites at Nautica and still continue to this day.

The sailing and nautical theme has long been the backbone to Nautica and that something fans of the brand do not expect to change. It’s like your favorite comfort food. Knowing that you can always get these pieces is always something to hold onto. The company does well by sticking to its motto. The sailing and nautical theme has long been the back Inspired by the sea. Designed for the city.

To keep the brand current, Nautica has teamed with Lil Yachty, the Grammy nominated Hip Hop star who is also a noted Nautica enthusiasts. As they say, “Everything old is new again,” and on a young star such as Lil Yachty, it can only spell success.

Nautica A/W 2017

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