Murlarkey Distillery: Small batch spirits in Virginia

Virginia is quickly becoming known for its wine country. However, small batch distilleries are also making a name for themselves in the state. In just a little over two years, Murlarkey has become one of those distilleries with its small batches of whiskeys, vodka and gin. In fact, Murlarkey has already garnered several prestigious awards for its spirits. Most recently racking up several awards from the American Distilling Institute including a Gold for its Divine Clarity vodka.

The distillery was started by brothers Jim and Mike Larkin and cousin Tom Murray. It landed in Virginia from Ireland by way of upstate New England. The distillery’s name, Murlarkey, is a play on the word “malarkey” but really pays homage to the family’s heritage using the trio’s family names of Murray, Larkin and Kelley.

The up and coming brand offers 3 whiskeys and a gin available for sale outside of its distillery in many locations in the Washington metropolitan area. Each spirit has a different and unique name to add to the cache of the brand. Justice is its white whiskey. Other whiskeys include Clemoncy, a lemon flavored whiskey and Cincerity, its cinnamon flavored offering. Divine Clarity is Murlarkey’s potato vodka and you can guess what spirit makes up Imagination.

The distillery is located less than an hour from Washington in Bristow, Virginia. Visiting Murlarkey is great way to learn about the distilling process and how they make their 100% all-natural spirits. In fact, all grains used are grown locally in Virginia. Those lucky enough to make the trek can also pick up their Brutality single barrel whiskey or Smokehouse whiskey.

Murlarkey: Justice & Brutality

With Jiffy Lube Live, just minutes away, the distillery makes a great preconcert stop.  It often host events featuring music from the artists scheduled to perform at the concert venue. Murlarkey also serves as a terrific event space allowing guests to bring in their own food, have it catered in or they can provide. All the while serving up some tasty cocktails using their award winning spirits. According to Jim Larkin, while they had a passion for wine and love beer, they also had a fondness for distilled spirits. They wanted to make spirits that appeal to everyone.

Murlarkey is located at 961 Gainsford Ct in Bristow, Virginia.

  1. These guys import their ethanol from Ultrapure in the Midwest and flavor it there. Not a true Virginia spirit they claim to be.

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