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For some the holidays may have been a time for feasting and overindulgence. And even though the year may be coming to an end, many of us have taken to the roadways and skies for welcomed getaway. Whether we’re with family or taking that end of the year vacation, there’s still an opportunity to get in a work out while on the road.

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Here are 4 tips to help you get a work out while on the road.  Next time you travel, bear these in mind. While they are timely as we are still in the throes of the holiday travel season, they are great ideas to incorporate year round. We received our advice from the expert trainers at Equinox Sports Club so don’t just take our word on it.


1 – Try body weight exercises

In any space at any time, incorporate body weight exercises for a full-body, bang for your buck, workout. End with a 2-3 minute meditation for stress relief to reset the mind and body. [Tip from Chicago Gold Coast group fitness manager Julie Bellis] 


2 – Use videos from YouTube

Check out videos on YouTube to do in your hotel room or parents’ guest bedroom like THE CUT. Even a few push-ups, lunges and/or crunches will make you feel great and ready for well-deserved holiday fun. [Tip from Miami Equinox trainer Christa DiPaolo]


3 – Movement with family

Incorporate movement with family over the holidays, whether it’s a walk, hike, jog or football game. Getting everyone together and making memories is what the holidays are all about so why not come together for a little sweat? [Tip from DC fitness trainer Kaitlyn Wozniak]


4 – Trial membership at local gym

No gym in the hotel or staying as a guest with friends or family? Check with local gyms in the area for a trial membership. Some gyms offer up to a week membership on a trial basis. You may not even have to break your regular workout regime.

Equinox work out on the road

The tips from some of our favorite Equinox trainers are here to encourage you to work out while on the road. For more information or if you’re looking for tips and tricks for your workout routine there are three Equinox Sports Clubs in the Washington metropolitan area. The Equinox in DC is located at 1170 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20037. The one in Bethesda is at 4905 Elm Street Bethesda, MD 20814 . The Virginia location is at 8065 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182.

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