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With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to think about trimming back that body hair. While we may tend to be a little lax during the winter months, as the season heats up a little less hair can make the transition to spring/summer much more comfortable. We’re not saying that it’s necessary to shave it all off like one of those hairless cats but a little trim might be just the ticket to up your well groomed status. Since we’re now in spring we thought it be nice to share some of the best tips for body grooming.


But don’t just take our word on it. We went to an expert for best tips for body grooming. We enlisted Enrique Ramirez, esthetician and founder of face to face nyc, an elite oasis spa that provides the latest in skin care and grooming services. With nearly two decades of industry experience, Ramirez is known for his expansive experience in a wide range of facials, full body massages, beauty services, sunless tanning, waxing and sugaring treatments for both men and women.  He graciously put together his tips for us. Follow his tips for body grooming and you’ll be able to body clip your own hair at home without getting clipper burns or ingrown hairs.

  1. Invest in a professional clipper, which are sold beauty retailers. A good clipper will last you through your twilight years, especially if you take good care of it. Brands from Wahl and Oster make some good ones.


  1. Make sure the attachments of steel. Plastic breaks or comes off easily. Take note of the guard size. The smaller the number the shorter the hair.


  1. When trimming, go slow and try to be precise especially around bonier areas like elbows, knees or ankles. Those areas are the hardest to trim, and you could miss a lot.
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  1. DO NOT get too creative with your chest hair. Trim evenly and use the same size attachment. Get that ripped six pack by exercising NOT by creating wonders with your hair. Avoid the bikini chest hair look that was the craze a few years ago.


  1. When body grooming “down there” watch out for the boys. Use extra caution and keep your eyes on them otherwise you’ll give yourself a vasectomy. Clipping attachments are sharp!


  1. Always go against the growth of the hair (like shaving) and apply baby powder to the area to help the blade run smoothly through your hair.


tips for body grooming - yoga
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  1. Take a yoga class. Those with better flexibility will get better results as you’ll be able to reach far places like the back of the legs.


  1. Shower after you’re done to avoid that at-work scratching and itching.


  1. Finish the look by moisturizing your body. Dry, ashy skin is not hot! One of our favorite lotions is Kiehl’s Crème do Corps. It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny.


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