6 new local amusement park attractions ready to thrill you

Within driving distance of the Washington, DC area are many awesome amusement parks. Men’s Life DC checked in with them to find out what’s new for the 2018 summer season:

Twisted Timbers at King’s Dominion

Photo courtesy of King’s Dominion

Wood and steel intertwine into twisting barrel roll drops, dynamic inversions and gravity-defying weightlessness on Kings Dominion’s newest hybrid roller coaster – Twisted Timbers.

Twisted Timbers is an innovative hybrid coaster that uses the latest technology to combine wood supports with a steel track to give riders an exhilarating experience with maneuvers previously unimaginable on a traditional wooden coaster. The coaster is designed by Rocky Mountain Construction of Idaho, a company renowned for reimagining wooden coasters. Features of the ride include:

  • 109 foot tall barrel roll drop
  • 3351 feet of track
  • Top speed of 54 miles per hour
  • Three loops
  • Three overbanked turns
  • 20 airtime moments

Twisted Timbers is located in the Candy Apple Grove section of the park and is themed to an abandoned apple orchard on the edge of town. The story behind the coaster is that an unknown force – supernatural or natural– destroyed the harvest years ago and froze the orchard in time; now the strictly “off-limits” orchard has reopened for tours, with the twisted ride as its highlight.


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Wahoo River at Six Flags America

Photo courtesy of Six Flags America

Castaway Creek at Six Flags America has been replaced with an all-new-action packed river adventure, Wahoo River. Park guests will find major enhancements such as a faster current, immersive rockwork theming, huge waterfalls, and tons of interactive, splashing thrills around every turn.

Wahoo River is 33% wider and more than 40% longer than Castaway Creek. This “bigger, better, and wetter” new attraction include significant upgrades such as a zero depth entry that will make it convenient for guests of all ages to slip into the cool water with inflatable tubes. Riders will have a blast as they float along the river, encountering wall sprayers, aqua archways, tippy water cones and a new wave generator. The journey continues under graceful water arches spanning the entire width of the river—as guests find even more surprises behind the rock waterfall, through the leaky pipes and under the leaky bridge waterworks.

Wahoo River highlights include:

  • Up to 18 feet wide; 30% wider and 40% longer;
  • Seven different water action zones with sprays, geysers, waves, waterfalls, leaky pipes, aqua arches and bucket dumps;
  • A wave generator that pulses waves every few seconds propelling guests down the water channel;
  • Colorful buckets dropping gallons of refreshing water from above; and
  • Nearly 2,500 feet of new deck space with hundreds of deck chairs.




Hologate at Adventure Park USA

Photo courtesy of Hologate

Adventure Park USA is very excited about the addition of Hologate, a 4-player virtual reality attraction that immediately transports you to a new world; a new reality;  a new dimension of thrill.

Once players step inside the high-end system they will forget about pixels and technology as soon as they put on their headsets. The advance graphics make every motion feel real with no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness.

The Hologate experience is timed for 5-10 minute gameplay, the ideal and most preferred time for a multiplayer virtual reality experience. Guaranteeing high customer throughput and satisfaction.


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