This Wedding Showcase Is for the Boys

It’s not often that our minds jump to men when discussing wedding attire, but guys, this one’s for you.

The 2020 Washingtonian Weddings Unveiled Showcase was the classiest most beautiful compilation of designers, food, attire, flowers and so much more. As a woman hoping to plan a wedding one day it was a dreamland… but soon to be grooms, by nature don’t always embrace these festivities with the same enthusiasm! The runway show was joined by Monte Durham of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, who said “The guys have moved up the ranks.” So maybe as time progresses and old traditions die out the grooms and gentlemen will be much more involved. Maybe yes, maybe no, but we can say one thing for certain, the men will be giving more thought than ever to what they wear! As expected, after hitting the bar, I witnessed many men flocking to the menswear booth that was showcased in the runway show.

Four handsome wedding attire styles, designed by Washington DC area custom suit designer Enzo Custom, were all well suited for the loveliest weddings. I had the opportunity to learn a bit about each look ahead of the show from Executive Clothier Romeo Silva — and let me tell you these gorgeous ensembles will not disappoint. 


The first on the right side of this picture is a black James Bond tuxedo that is certain to grab the attention of all wedding guests with its sleek lines, traditional style and peak lapels. It’s nothing but perfect for the traditional black tie or formal wedding. This next navy suit, on the left side of the picture, is a three-piece wonder! It’s flashy and trendy but still upscale with the added third piece. If you are a groom that wants to make a statement that’s not black-tie formal this is the look for you.

Next up on the runway is a stunning navy high-end tuxedo with shawl lapels. Gentlemen who want a formal look but aren’t feeling the traditional black tuxedo will certainly feel more confident and at home in this outfit.

Wedding attire

Last to strut down the catwalk — royal blue for a royal groom. Perfect for a cocktail attire affair where the groom wants to look put together and sleek but roll his sleeves up and get down on that dance floor. 

A groom or guest can’t go wrong with any of these four fashions!

But just remember, by upping your game, the ladies may just feel the need to up theirs too!

Photos courtesy of Lisa Blume Photography.


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