Contemporary artist Timur Si-Qin returns to DC with new solo show

Peace, Timur Si-Qin

Contemporary art gallery Von Ammon Co. in Georgetown’s Cady’s Alley opens its newest exhibition, Take Me, I Love You a solo show by New York based German artist Timur Si-Qin this Saturday, Oct. 17. This full-scale show is the first of its kind in the U.S., and features eleven new works by the artist, all which involve a combination of computer-generated natural landscapes and graphics.

Take Me, I Love You is described as a mutualistic credo for humans and nature alike: while nature has proven itself a selfless and caring steward of humanity and will continue to give of its resources, this declaration must be reciprocated by humankind, whose primary resource has always been its
technology. This exhibition, which incorporates visionary elements culled from Indigenous belief systems of the Americas, is a manifestation of a religious technology wherein the greatest resources of humankind coalesce elegantly with the vast and eminent complexity and scale of the non-human world.

Of German and Mongolian-Chinese descent, Timur Si-Qin grew up in
Berlin, Beijing, and in a Native Indian community in the American Southwest. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment helped inform Si-Qin’s unique sensitivity to the relationship between nature and culture. Now living in New York, Si-Qin has become a leading figure in a Post-internet generation of artists who reference new developments in science and technology to challenge the separation between the human world and the biological laws of the natural world.

Take Me, I Love You will be showing at Von Ammon Co. through Sunday, Nov. 15. It’s open for viewing from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., Friday through Sunday by appointment only.

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