Chef Reid Shilling introduces Ampersandwich

Chef Reid Shilling‘s new concept, Ampersandwich, is now open with a rotating list of sandwiches available for delivery during lunch and dinner hours. Highlights of the comfort food-inspired menu include: E. Lombard Street Corned Beef (hot corned beef piled high, “heavy on the mustard,” on house made Jewish rye), the McReid (smoked and slow cooked St. Louis ribs and chopped pork shoulder, topped with dill pickles and BBQ sauce on a house-made bun) and a chivito (the national dish of Uruguay and now a DC favorite, featuring wood-fired beef, Virginia ham, applewood smoked bacon, egg, roasted red peppers, chimichurri, garlic aioli, onion, lettuce and melted mozzarella on a house-made bun) among others.

The concept was inspired by the striking popularity of chef Reid’s pared-back menu at his Navy Yard restaurant, Shilling Canning Company.  In the early days of the shutdown: Shilling and his team served burgers, French dip and a soft-shell crab sandwiches that proved the District’s hunger for hearty sandwiches with elevated ingredients. “As a kid in Baltimore, I grew up on pit beef sandwiches – so there’s also the nostalgia aspect for me,” says Shilling. “Our E. Lombard Street corned beef sandwich is an ode to “Corned Beef Row in downtown Baltimore and we’re excited to serve our take on the classic sandwich to the people in our area and community.”

The Ampersandwich concept is the latest in the rising trend of the ghost kitchen or what is also known as a delivery-only restaurant. Ampersandwich will be available for delivery on partner platforms including DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats. Fortunately, those looking to enjoy Ampersandwich in-restaurant can stop by Shilling Canning Company during happy hour from 4 to 6pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays for sandwiches, beer + wine specials and a specialty cocktail. Sandwich prices range from $14 to $27 with the ability to “amp up” to a full meal to include chips/fries, cookie and a drink for $5 to $8 more.

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