Elevated Greek gastronomy takes center stage in DC

DC’s culinary scene is experiencing a surge in Greek-inspired upscale dining, with the recent openings of Limani at The Wharf and Balos in Dupont Circle, as well as the highly anticipated re-opening of Philotimo in downtown DC’s Midtown Center.


Hailing from New York City, Limani has garnered attention for its exquisite seafood-focused menu and opulent ambiance. Located at The Wharf, it offers a three-story Aegean dining room and a full-service terrace, providing an immersive dining experience.


Inspired by the island of Crete, Balos aims to transport diners to the sun-soaked shores of Greece through its authentic flavors and warm hospitality. Situated in Dupont Circle, this high-end dining experience results from the combined efforts of three restaurateurs with Greek roots.


A forerunner to the city’s Greek culinary renaissance, Philotimo has returned triumphantly in downtown DC’s Midtown Center after closing for renovations following a fire shortly after its initial opening in 2022. Led by renowned chef Nicholas Stefanelli, Philotimo offers a sophisticated and refined experience that celebrates the essence of Greek cuisine.

From the fresh seafood delights at Limani to the vibrant Cretan-inspired cuisine at Balos and the elegance of Philotimo, DC residents and visitors now have an abundance of choices to satisfy their cravings for Greek gastronomy.

Troy Petenbrink

Troy, also known as The Gay Traveler, is a well known travel and food writer. His has been a regular contributor to a variety of outlets including National Geographic, Travel Channel, DCRefined, CBS Local, and Metro Weekly. He also appears on local Washington news outlets as a travel expert.

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