Month: April 2024

Having a moment: Hilton reports growth and strategic moves

Hilton is touting its positive financial performance, with first-quarter earnings showcasing significant growth. The McLean-based hospitality giant reported quarterly total revenues exceeding $2.5 billion, surpassing analysts’ expectations. This financial milestone follows closely behind a series of strategic acquisitions and new partnerships, setting the stage for Hilton’s continued expansion in the industry.


Wine Wednesdays at St. Vincent Wine: A new mid-week ritual in Park View

For those searching for a spot that combines the relaxed vibes of a New Orleans wine garden with the vibrant spirit of DC’s Park View neighborhood, St. Vincent Wine has just launched an event that promises to add a splash of excitement to your mid-week routine. Introducing Wine Wednesdays, designed for wine enthusiasts and novices alike to indulge in guided tastings, live music, and convivial company.


Take Back Day: A lifesaving opportunity

This Saturday, April 27, DC and its surrounding neighbors are participating in DEA’s National Prescription Take Back Day, a bi-annual nationwide initiative designed to combat prescription drug abuse and ensure the safe disposal of unused or expired medications.

Bottled water being poured into a glass.

Can drinking more water really help you lose weight?

Hydration is crucial for numerous bodily functions, and drinking a sufficient amount of water may also influence metabolism, regulate appetite, and even contribute to calorie burning. This article unveils practical insights and strategies for effectively utilizing hydration techniques in relation to weight management. 


Celebrate Earth Day: 5 steps to plant a tree

According to, hundreds of millions of trees have been planted since the first celebration in 1970. You can participate in one of the largest civic events on the planet by planting a tree. Consider these tips to plant a tree in your own yard properly.

Lawn mower

5 steps to get your yard ready for spring

As the weather begins to warm and days get longer, it’s important to begin preparing your yard for a healthy growing season. While climate, soil, and grass type can impact your yard’s growth, you can take a few steps during the spring months to help your lawn thrive.