DC’s Postgame Beverages launches health-conscious spiked electrolyte seltzers

Kamran Khoshneviss, David Magida, and Carmen Sturniolo

Washington, DC-based fitness professionals Kamran Khoshneviss, David Magida, and Carmen Sturniolo have teamed up to form Postgame Beverages and launched a new line of spiked electrolyte seltzers.

As more consumers seek healthier alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages, market research shows a growing demand for low-alcohol-by-volume (ABV), low-calorie, and low-sugar options, particularly among health-conscious millennials and fitness enthusiasts. Concurrently, there has been a rise in awareness and demand for hydration supplements, making Postgame’s entry into the market both timely and relevant.

“This isn’t rocket science,” says Khoshneviss, a former collegiate athlete and professional fitness trainer. “We just blended electrolytes into a can of hard seltzer and made it taste really good.”

Postgame’s initial product line includes four delightful flavors: cucumber mint, grapefruit ginger, mango pineapple, and strawberry basil. Each can boast a 4.4% ABV and contains just 1 gram of sugar, 100 calories, and a substantial 400mg of electrolytes, making it ideal for those looking to enjoy a drink without compromising their health goals.

The new product line of Postgame Spiked Electrolytes is currently available for purchase at select retailers and bars in DC.

Troy Petenbrink

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