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Celebrate Earth Day: 5 steps to plant a tree

According to earthday.org, hundreds of millions of trees have been planted since the first celebration in 1970. You can participate in one of the largest civic events on the planet by planting a tree. Consider these tips to plant a tree in your own yard properly.

Lawn mower

5 steps to get your yard ready for spring

As the weather begins to warm and days get longer, it’s important to begin preparing your yard for a healthy growing season. While climate, soil, and grass type can impact your yard’s growth, you can take a few steps during the spring months to help your lawn thrive.


5 simple spring safety tips for your home

Refreshing your home in the spring is about more than organizing closets and cleaning floors. As warmer weather returns, proactively checking your home’s systems will help keep it running efficiently while remaining a comfortable and safe space for you and your loved ones.


The DC Auto Show is cruising into 2024

The 2024 Washington, D.C. Auto Show returns to the Walter E Washington Convention Center beginning tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 19, and runs through Sunday, Jan. 28. Leading auto manufacturers will showcase their latest models and innovations, offering attendees a sneak peek into the cutting-edge developments driving the automotive industry forward. From sleek electric vehicles to powerful SUVs, the displays will cater to a diverse range of automotive tastes.


Which is right for you? EVs vs. gas-powered vehicles

While EVs may offer lower expenses over time, those looking to purchase a new vehicle should carefully consider the initial costs, their impact on insurance premiums compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, and other factors that can affect the “total cost of ownership.”