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Home renovation trends for the new year

In previous years, home remodeling projects were often done with the goal of increasing resale value. Recently, however, homeowners have been staying in their properties longer and are making these projects a priority of functionality as well as a reflection of personal style.


The Washington, D.C. Auto Show returns with more hands-on experiences

The region’s largest indoor event and one of the top auto shows in the United States is back from Friday, Jan. 20 through Sunday, Jan. 29. The 2023 Washington, D.C. Auto Show will fill the 750,000 square foot center Walter E. Washington Convention Center with hundreds of new vehicles — showcasing the latest advancements in motor technology.


Best of CES: Top products you need for customized living at home

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reveals amazing electronic innovations, and this year’s lineup is no exception. CES 2023 highlights a stunning variety of cutting-edge products to make home living more beautiful, more convenient, cleaner and even more fun. Among the many intriguing products featured in this show are surprising new technologies you didn’t know you needed — until now.


Five tips for new EV drivers

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) has begun: That’s according to the latest Hankook Tire Gauge Index, a survey of Americans’ driving habits and attitudes, which found that nearly half (46%) expect to acquire an EV within the next 5 years. Whether they’re driven by environmental motives, high gas prices or new automotive technology, drivers are increasingly shifting to EVs – so what do they need to know before they get behind the wheel of their first plug-in vehicle?

Beef Wellington

Mouthwatering recipes to ‘beef up’ the holiday menu

At this year’s holiday gatherings, you can put together a showstopping menu from the beginning of the party to the final bite with mouthwatering recipes that bring guests back for more. It all starts with beef, a versatile, beloved ingredient that can be used in appetizers, sides and main courses alike.


Key questions to ask when shopping for a vehicle

From seeking more fuel efficiency or seating capacity to replacing an older or less reliable car, there are many reasons to be in the market for a vehicle today. Whatever the reason may be, when it comes to purchasing, there are a variety of factors to consider to set you up for success.