Top U.S. cities for pet-friendly vacation rentals

Vacation experts at Family Destinations Guide have discovered which cities in the US have the most listings for pet-friendly vacation rentals. The team took 50 of the most populated cities in the US and used data from the vacation rental site Vrbo to discover how many accommodation listings in each city allow pets.  


Seasonal safety tips for pet owners

The holiday season presents opportunities for celebrating with loved ones, and for many families, that includes their dogs and cats. However, holiday foods and decorations can pose health risks for pets and the hustle and bustle may be overwhelming.


5 tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween

Costumes and candy make Halloween a highly anticipated event for children and adults alike, but the holiday can be particularly spooky for pets. Some of the same things that bring humans joy on All Hallows Eve can lead to poisoning, stress, or anxiety, which may cause four-legged family members to run away or react aggressively.